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Fellow Anglers,

The VSSA board has been making slow but steady progress in standing up the VSSA. We are not yet ready to accept membership as we have several steps left before we can. We still have to file our articles of incorporation with the state and apply for the 501c3 status with the IRS before we can accept membership. We do have a website established although there is not much there yet (see signature tag line below). You can expect to see more content available soon. The VSSA board has been meeting every Thursday at 7 pm via teleconference. These meetings are open to the angling public and input is welcome but only board members have a vote at this time. Weekly updates are sent weekly to those on the distro list.

The VSSA board has approved the by-laws which will serve to govern the association in the early years as we form and grow. We do intend to update these later after we have elections and a general membership.

One of the standing committees which will be a permanent for the VSSA will be the Government Affairs Advisory Committee. This standing committee is envisioned to the heart and soul of the VSSA to stay on top of all fishery management related issues. We are currently seeking volunteers for this standing committee. The chair and co-chairs responsibilities will be to stay abreast of all government actions that affect the species, attend meetings, brief the board, prepare position papers, present VSSA positions at meetings, solicit positions/polls from VSSA members, and keep all VSSA members abreast of all issues relating to the species. The way VSSA intends to function is this committee develops the draft position on the various species by soliciting input from VSSA members after gathers all available information on the species. The VSSA position on any given species will be that of the majority of its members ensuring no minority personal agendas are pushed through. These positions may call for increased bag limits, decreased bag limits, or status quo. These are not elected positions but must be approved by the VSSA board. If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please do so by email to [email protected] with a short biographical sketch of yourself and your experience with the species you are volunteering for. The board will consider all volunteers and let you know if you have been selected. If you don't desire to volunteer, please forward this email to anyone you think might be a good fit for these positions.

Government Affaires Advisory Chair
· Co-Chair: Flounder
· Co-Chair: Drum (Black and Red)
· Co-Chair: Trout
· Co-Chair: Tile, Grouper and other deep drop species.
· Co-Chair: BSB, Tog
· Co-Chair: Striped Bass
· Co-Chair: Cobia
· Co-Chair: Sheepshead, spade
· Co-Chair: Offshore Palegics

Thanks a bunch.

Virginia Saltwater Sportfishing Association (VSSA)

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Thanks Mike. it does seem like its happening at Slow pace... but I do thank you and others for all your efforts on our behalf! You are truly good people!
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