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Virginia Voters for Clean Water: January 16, 2006

Over 500 Virginians gathered in Richmond to show their legislators that water quality funding is important to them. The event highlighted CBF’s campaign to convince the Virginia General Assembly to provide a committed funding source dedicated to improving water quality.

During the 2005 General Assembly session, Virginia Legislators designated $50 million to upgrade wastewater treatment plants and significantly reduce nitrogen pollution in Virginia’s waters. However, the Commonwealth’s water quality needs are so much greater!

Virginia Voters for Clean Water Day 2006 seeks to ensure that Virginia makes a lasting commitment of $150-200 million annually to improving water quality throughout the state.

CBF members and volunteers, Virginia Conservation Network participants, and all citizens who are concerned about the health of Virginia’s waters and the Chesapeake Bay. In 2005, there were over 500 participants at Lobby Day!

Virginia Voters for Clean Water Day 2006 is a crucial part of the Virginia Clean Streams Campaign, which aims to ensure a dedicated source of necessary funding for water quality improvement in Virginia’s 7000 miles of impaired waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. Funding is critical if these waters are ever going to shed their “dirty waters” designation.

Grassroots organizing has begun in your local community and will culminate with Virginia Voters for Clean Water Day, which will be held between the General Assembly Office Building and the Capitol Building in Richmond.

Monday, January 16, 2006. This date is also Martin Luther King Day, which is a federal holiday so most businesses and schools are closed. However, your state legislators will be hard at work in their Richmond offices.

Impaired waters are found throughout the state and have become a health hazard as well as economic liability. Clean water is as important to Virginia citizens as education, public safety, and taxes. This is your chance to let your legislators know that clean water is important for you, your children, and Virginia’s future.

Sign up today at www.getdedicated.org.

Virginia Beach Bus - Bubba’s Overflow Parking Lot, gravel parking lot located behind Starbucks on Shore Drive. Bus Departs at 7:15 AM Contact: Chris Moore [email protected]

Norfolk Bus - Lot D at Harbor Park. Bus Departs at 7:15 AM Contact Chris Moore [email protected]

Newport News Bus - Patrick Henry Mall (Due the construction the exact location at the mall is TBD). Bus Departs at 7:45 AM Contact Chris Moore [email protected]

Norge/Williamsburg Bus - James City County/Route 30 Park & Ride (off the Norge Exit). Bus Departs at 8:00 AM Contact Chris Moore [email protected]

Harrisonburg Bus -- Eastern Mennonite University Departs at 6:30 AM . This Bus will make an additional stop at the Cruchfield Store and will leave that location at 7: 0 0AM. Contact Bruce Lundeen [email protected]

Kilmarnock Bus -- Chesapeake Commons Shopping Center (fondly known as the Old Winn Dixie) Bus Departs at 7:45AM Contact Nina Luxmoore [email protected]
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