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Six members of the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association traveled to St.Petersburg, Florida for the final leg of the Extreme Edge Kayak Fishing Tournament Series. Andrea Nunnally, David Moss, Kevin Kennedy, Jeff Suber, Mike Bailey, and myself all drove down to compete. We all had some epic days of fishing, we had very little intelligencs, and went with our guts on where to fish. During our first day of prefishing, just about everyone caught some quality fish, My hightlight was a 26-inch snook caught in Cockroach Bay. Dave Moss also managed to catch a 20-inch snook there. On our second day of prefishing we split up, I went to shoot video with some members of the original Wilderness Systems team. The rest of the TKAA folks went to Bull Frog Creek. They did very well ther, with nice red fish, trout, and snook, some folks even slammed. I managed a few cookie cutter trout, and some 30-inch ladyfish.

On game day we all decided to fish Bull Frog, after just a few minutes, Dave Moss catches a 18-inch trout, just about every angler caught trout there. Satisfied with the trout Dave moved to a flat near the trout hole. I hear him holler, and see him being pulled around, he caught a nice 26-inch red. I got an equal shot at another red, but failed to set the hook. Not a few minutes later, Dave is again hooked up, this time I follow him and take some cool pictures. I grab my net and assist him in landing a 30.5-inch red. This fish would eventually win the redfish division. We try for more reds but the flat is cleared. So we then decide to move into the mangroved to look for snook. They must have been sleeping, because ther were no takers. We called it a day and headed in to return our cameras.

At the awards ceremony, Dave gets First Place Redfish, not bad for an out of towner! Ill get up some pics asap.

Good Job Guys!
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