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Warm weather - Mexico

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Hope everyone has a good weekend. I will be traveling to Isla Mujeres tomorrow to spend sometime in warmer weather with the family, with two days of sailfishing.

Be thinking about the 40 degree water here while I slather on the suncreen from the sunny and 83° weather there for our entire stay.:cool2:

Will be back with a fishing report and hopefully plenty of pics. Looking forward to that 25 for 30 sail fish bite.

Everyone have a good weekend.:rockon::yinyang:
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I'm also leaving tomorrow for a week in Isla Mujeres with two days sailfishing. Can't wait. The weather is supposed to be moderating and we will hopefully have some real nice days. Good luck. John
We will be on the Obsession Sat and Mon. This is my fifth trip down there with Capt Jeff.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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