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As many of you know I make goose, duck, and swan HUNTING decoys. At the end of this season I am planning to sell most if not all of MY body booting rig which includes 60-70 oversized goose decoys.

These decoys are handmade, have a handcarved wooden head, bottom board, and wooden tail insert. They have been used for a number of years and are in very good shape. They are unsinkable - ie. carved from high density foam with wood chip covering. They can been seen from MILES away and are responsible for many many geese and ducks being shot over the years.

Anyone interested in the birds please let me know - getting too old and no time to boot anymore. I plan to make any minor repairs and re- paint the entire rig before selling - can't make a better offer than that.

These would make a great rig for group of hunters or club hunting a pond, lake, or river shore OR for resale as antiques if that turns you on. Anchor lines and weights NOT included. Serious inquires only please.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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