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To all that care about Public Access:

VCAN's President (AKA Bucket) was interviewed today by Andy Fox at WAVY10 regarding the public access issue at Willoughby Spit (Jetty/Beach) today (Friday Jan. 19th) at noon.

The story aired tonight on WAVY 10 and the link to it should be available later tonight or tommorrow on WAVY 10's website.

The loss of real public access at WSJ started in 2005 and the original story done by WAVY 10 can be found at http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp?s=3372755. Bottom line is our taxpayer dollars are being used for beach replenishment along Ocean View including Willoughby Spit, yet no public parking is being provided in many locations near public access points (Public Parking was taken away at WSJ with no alternate means given). This in turn is essentially making the beaches in these areas "Private Beaches" for the people who live in these neighborhoods with our taxpayer $'s.


The City of Norfolk has developed a Norfolk Cares Asst. Center for you to voice your questions or concerns regarding issues in the City of Norfolk. This new number is (757)-664-6510 and starts this Monday, January 22, 2007.

If you believe in fighting the issue of the loss of real public access to Willoughby Spit (and other areas along Ocean View), be sure to call the City of Norfolk first thing Monday morning and let them know you want "Real" public access back at WSJ and other areas along Ocean View!
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