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RodCrafters; I can't say fellow RodCrafter since I don't consider myself a crafter at this point. Her is the question:

I have read Dale Clemens book titled Custom Rod Thread Art and viewed Artie Hebert's "Decorative Rod Wrapping Volume 2 Weaves" and all that leaves me short of one thing to understand. Artie says that you will probably use NCP Size A thread which wraps at about 120 threads per inch. So here is the question; the width of the weaved figure is not too important since it will extend up the rod, however, the height of the figure is important. Should the figure wrap around the circumference of the rod by 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% for a reasonable looking weave? In looking at some of the sample figures in Dales's book the number of threads in the height varies anywhere from 10 to 50 threads. When laying out a weave what height should you target?


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I am not an expert at this either but I think there are some limiting factors to the height of the weave. The first is the weaving loom/jig. In my opinion, Most are going to limit you to less than 50% of the blank. The Wonderweave is the only loom I'm aware or that will allow you to weave all the way around the rod.

Just make sure you adjust your pattern accordingly to keep it in porportion.

Also some say the smaller the thread the more difficult the weave. Some recommend that you use 1 or 2 size larger thread for the base wrap then for the weave thread ...... or it could be the other way around ............ many weavers also don't use NCP thread only

You may want to go on Rodbuilding.org or Rodguild.com and ask the question ........ or email Raymond Adams or Doc Ski .........

That's why the software programs are so good for weaving .......... pattern making takes alot of time and precision.
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