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Friday, I had Bret Giaudrone and his group from St. Louis aboard for a morning half day. We ran up to the nautilus to fish eels, but as soon as we got there, a front came through and the flat calm conditions turned to blowing about forty out of the north. It went from being warm and calm to cold and bumpy in the blink of an eye. Too rough to drift eels for rockfish. We moved over to the bridge and had some action on schoolie stripers and slot fish with the wire line, then trolled over to cape henry where we found the cookie cutter 38'' stripers that have been there recently. These guys were on a tight schedule and had to be back at the dock around noon, so we didnt make a limit, but we caught some.

Saturday, I was supposed to have a group come in and night time eel at the high rise , but they called up and cancelled on me saturday morning. Kind of messed my whole weekend up.

Sunday, I got a call from Cayson over at the marina and he said I needed to move my boat because the were gonna dredge my slip tomorrow. Moments later, I got a call from a buddy who said he was catching 15-20# stripers two miles straight out of the inlet. I called Marc and Courtney and had them meet Jocelyn and I at the boat, and we went out fishing for an hour and a half. The fishing was good, I ended up burning almost no fuel, and it took longer to clean the fish than it did to catch them. These werent the 40-50# fish we have been finding on the eels, but they were a nice 15-20# class of striper that were fun on the troll and plenty of them.

I still have plenty of charter dates available. In addition to the large trophy stripers on eels, the trolling bite is also very productive for good numbers of 20# class fish.
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