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Welcome to the new TidalFish.com

Dear Fellow Tidal Fisher,

Welcome to the new TidalFish.com redesigned site. Finally, after a year in the making we managed to get the new site up and launched. It has been some serious work and a lot of late nights, but I think you will find that it was worth the wait. We will have some glitches I am sure, but we have been testing it for weeks and hope we worked out the major bugs. If you find an error please let us know.

Some of the new features and functionality on the new site:

• We bought two new smoking fast High End Servers and have them hosted at one of the best hosting facilities in the country.. For those that do not lean towards the geek side of things, this translates into we spent a ton of loot on them which will make the site much much faster, it will not hang anymore when you post or click to read a thread. It also means you can post and store pictures in your account with a subscription.
• We moved to a whole New Platform. This means the site has updated databases and a whole new code base. This translates to the site being faster, able to handle more people at once and gives us the ability to grow with out having slow site problems like we experienced over the last two years.
• We upgraded our bandwidth providers. We how have three Tier A bandwidth providers piped into our server. This gives us the ability to have thousands of anglers on the site at once with out having speed effected because of bandwidth limitations.
• We have a new Message Board interface with tons of added features and functionality including: a preview post option, a quick reply box right on a thread, a posting editor with spell check and formatting capabilities, user reputations, a new search engine which allows you to quickly and easily search a forum or all forums for a given topic, a whole new bMail interface, now called Private Messages, instant pop up Private Message notification, improved user profiles, printer friendly versions on threads, thread and forum subscription notification system, many sorting options on the forums, a buddy list, member search features and many more new things which I will let you discover as you look around the message boards.
• We added a whole New Design with a left hand side bar where you can easily navigate to all the different sections of the site.
• We added a new Classified Ad program which is better organized, has enhanced features and allows of picture uploading.
• We added a new Calendar of Events with a better presentation and functionality.
• We have added two levels of Non-Commercial Subscriptions which allow for different levels of hosting of images as well as enhanced features.
• We updated our posting terms for Commercial Subscribers to better allow some flexibility in posting messages and the addition of a welcome announcement when you first sign up to give you added exposure.
• We added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) program so we get you answers to questions faster.
We added a few other things, but I will let you find them as you look around the site and check it out. If you find bug or have a problem please do not hesitate to contact me and I will make sure to get you set up. If I do not answer right away, please do not fret, I sometimes get backed up with emails and am sure this will be one of those times. However, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks to all who have helped test and provide feedback with the site over the last few weeks and a special thanks to Ian and Filip for their hard work is getting the site up and running, I greatly appreciate the work you did; it was no small feat!

Good fishing & good times

Chief Angler
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