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Hey Guys,

I know some of you fish the spring perch run at Allen's Fresh and was wondering, do you buy your minnows from a local bait shop or do you trap your own? I have several minnow traps but it has been my experience that I have not been able to catch any in the tidal creeks around where i live (Lexington Park, south of gate 3) until the beginning of April, and the Tackle Box doesnt start carrying minnows till around then either.

Any info would be great, thanks in advance,


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I learned long ago to get my bait the day before - it possible.Nothing worse then finding a local shop closed or out of bait at 6:00 am:eek:.Most local shops have limited hours during winter.

Live minnows keep fine.I use an old 48 qt cooler and a bubbler.They live 2-3 weeks.Grass Shrimp keep fine in a refrigerator - just be sure no one mistakes the box for left over Chinese food :D.

Marty's in Edgewater now has live minnows.Grass Shrimp are tough to find but worth the time to track them down.Clyde's in Landsdown is another good shop.

Warren's in Glen Burnie reopens in March - they often have shrimp.Anglers near the bay bridge is another option.
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