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Launched before sunrise this morning looking to hook up with some early morning topwater action. I usually see the sunset at Sandy Point when I'm coming off the water. This morning, I got to see the moonset while launching :))

Bay was flat as glass this morning so made the quick run from Sandy Point down to Whitehall Bay to be inside the tourny bounds. Heard/saw bait splashing everywhere so had high hopes of a nice rock being put in the boat. For the next 2 hours I worked topwater most of the way around the perimiter of Whitehall Bay. Blues - Blues - Blues... nice grade of bluefish - 10" up to 16" - caught at least 20 of the commies. Nice pullage, but not what I was after :censored:

Sun got too high and the bite slowed, so headed up river to look for some fish with stripes. Lots of traffic on the water today - all the power boats heading in from the dealers for the boat show - probably saw a few million dollars worth of boats go by on their way to the display area.

Managed to boat a few rockfish between David Taylor and Manresa - all were between 18" - 22".... so nothing new for me on the leaderboard today. Found some more blues in the river again, too (hope the water cools off soon and sends them packing). White perch are schooling up pretty heavy - nice size, too :thumbup: - - got a couple of double header perch while bottom fishing - perch were in the 11" to 12" range.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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