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7 February 2009

(Another) Deep Dropping Report

My brother is dying to go out on the Rudee Angler with Captain Skip. He was all lined up to go, and I was going to accompany him…just to keep him company :D. But, at the very last minute, he couldn't make it on time. So, we postponed my brother's head boat adventure, and I rounded out a last minute crew to go for a few tiles and BSB. My crew consisted of Steve Kendall, Brett Swindell (Fish Print Guy), and Robin. We left Rudee and headed east with visions of SW at 10, but that's not what we had…of course. The ride out was SW 10-15, with seas about 1-3. By about noon, it was SW at 20, with seas rolling at about 2-3 :eek2:. I want to be a meteorolgist!!

We had a good day, with our first drop giving up hefty bluelines and big seabass. We used squid and a variety of cut bait. There was no current to speak of, it mostly went against the wind, which worked out well…and the dogs were minimal.

With citation tiles for all, plus a citation seabass for Steve, we decided to try a few mystery numbers before the winds kicked up. Just then, we spotted the Rudee Angler coming over the horizon. We declined a round of hot chocolate from the Rudee Angler crew (smart-a$$es :rolleyes:), and we left the Angler to clean up. We then ran a few miles south. We passed a small group of boats sitting on top of each other…man, something good must have been going on there!

After not much to show on the trial numbers, we examined the seas and headed back north to quickly round out our limit and scoot in. The Angler hailed us over to share their "mother load" of two-at-a-time tile hook-ups. Boy, that head boat sure looked a lot smaller in those brewing seas. In short order, we had fish lying all over the deck. It was a sporty ride in, but made it to the dock within the usual time frame. :clap:

We ended up with our limit of bluelines to 13.5-pounds, with 10 citation-sized tiles, and a cooler full of big seabass, up to 7-pounds, 4-ounces. Sounds like my brother missed an awesome trip.

13.5-pound blueline tile

7-pound, 4-ounce BSB

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