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snagged from another board:

December 6th, 2008

On Saturday afternoon, Plaxico Burress (NY Giants Wide Reciever) and his buddies came fishing aboard the Lady Pamela II. They flew down from New York to get some South Florida sunshine right here in Fort Lauderdale. Live bait was a must this afternoon. We got a dozen goggle eyes and headed out front to pop the kites for the sailfish and mahi - mahi. The bite has been pretty consistent the past few days. However, fishing started off slow, not much was around. BUT Before we knew it, a sailfish ate the right short bait and started jumping. It put on a good fight and a great show....until he fell off. The bait went back out hoping for another bite. We didn't get a sailfish bite, but we did manage to catch a few blue runners and vermilion snappers for them to take home for dinner. We were losing daylight quickly and needed it for the type of fishing we wanted to do. They enjoyed themselves and went home with fresh fish.

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