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Cobia escape in Ecuador - irony of all ironies

Yup, we let loose the sarcasm, but as usual, ignore the glaring reality - a borderline 3rd world nation is fishing farming. OK, so something happened and thousands escaped. THAT would never happen in this country. Why? Because we haven't come close to even trying aquaculture, much less for cobia. Its so easy to smirk at these folks who are actively engaged in what we actively ignore - the inability of natural reproduction in ANY species to keep up with commercial demand.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves and yes, especially the ASMFC which constantly reminds us that they belong, lock stock and barrel to the US Department of Commerce - the industry arm of government.

Now, we're facing a shut down of the cobia fishery? I don't know, that's what I read here. But not even that will be enough to motivate those in charge, or the sheep that let it happen. They didn't initiate fish farms for rockfish either, remember? Nope, they pretty much shut down a multi-million dollar recreational sport fishery instead, proving once again, the utter contempt they feel for the value of the recreational angling community. 99% of the people in charge GOLF, they give a rats behind about fish.

So now, along with menhaden and others, we are again engaged in business as usual. We are going to know soon enough, at least for menhaden, if the 10,000 total readers of that issue will really get themselves in gear and vote for the RIGHT delegates.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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