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Why didn't I post before!!??

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I guess with the overrunning schedule...still no excuse. I do apoligize. To make a long story short on Dec. 26th I got stuck out in the rapp and could not get in to the channel with the extreme lows. My son was at the tralier sick, my cell phone died (yes it was fully charged) could not reach son by radio (found out later he turned it off, got tired of listening to all the yackin) murphy's law came into play big time. A man in broad creek I think he said broad creek marina offered to help over the radio, he made a call for me and everything came together from there. Finally at 11:00 pm I was in my slip and all was well. This is also a good example to give a float plan to someone before you go out even if only for a couple of hrs. , which I had. So to the man that made that call for me aka "Fish Tales" I so much appreciate it. and I hope I can return to the favor some day thanks. :thumbup: THANK YOU
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I know Jonathan. He is a really good guy... I am sure he will appreciate you posting this...Glad you made it back safe! Beth
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