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Hi All:
The PASADENA SHOW was gtreat. Thanks for all whi showed up. I started to show some new ROCKFISH rigs. They went over very well. I'll be at the WICOMICO show agaian.
I'll be having more Rockfish, Flounder(Fluke) and OFFSHORE gear too.
REMEMBER, you offshore guys:
Just one wrong lure in your spread will ruin the whole spread on you.
SEMINARS at the show:
I'll be giving a HOW TO for MONSTER Flounder .
I'll be giving a HOW TO for TROLLING at the show. I'm waiting for Ed to get back to me for the date/time for each seminar.
I have new JET bars that really work. Come by and loo at 'em.
I have lots of great Flounder gear that will make you happy.
See you there.
Joseph B...aka...Ancient Mariner
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