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Got a late afternoon start and decided to head out to the north of Cape Henry. It was just plain crazy. First line in the water was a Stretch 30+ and before I could set the drag - FISH ON. 39''. Got that in the boat and dropped the stretch back in. Walked the 8' across the deck and started dropping a second plug in the water and the first pole is screeming again. 42". Fat fish. It kept on that way until just after dark. After I had my 2 big keepers, I went light tackle and was exhausted.

I stopped counting on how many catch and release I did after I ran out of fingers(haha). Amazing to catch and release 35" fish for an hour.

Coming back to CC last night, I saw a center console running really hard towards the Lesner from Cape Henry so he was more protected from the winds than me coming across the bay. Figured he had somehwere to be. Anyway, got to outside the markers of Lesner and there is is waving a flashlight looking for help. He ran out of gas!! Towed him in to Bubba's and got him to the fuel dock. He said that he fished all day down past Sandbridge and guess he went further than he thought. Now, thats crazy to run out of fuel in January with a storm approaching. Nicest guys though. They were skunked.

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Glad you hammered em! A huge difference between the weekend and yesterday!

Very nice of you to help those guys.......I hope next time they learn the rule of thirds.......they are playing with fire!
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