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Wish a Fish meeting/flea market items

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Now that it's cold-I guess it's time to start planning Wish a Fish .Feb.8th @6pm at Snyder's Willow Grove restaurant-841 N.Hammonds Ferry Rd. in Linthicum Heights, Md. will be the first get together.We'll want to pick the dates and also collect any items for the Feb.10th flea market at Tri-State in Deale. (Need 1-2 helpers to man the table;) ).Bring your ideas/donations and if you helped before-please bring photos.:) We have a message board just for Wish a Fish (near the bottom-right below Surf Fishing) that we should use so as not to tie up the fishing reports :p .Please let me know if you plan to attend-Snyder's needs a rough head count before the 8th.Hope to see a ton of TFer's there. Skip
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Jeebus Skip! Don't you know you have to pay $55 for a post like this?
I'll be at the meeting and I volunteer to work the table at the Flea Market
put me on the list for Snyder's, I'll try to make it.
Skip, I'll see you on the 8th of February. On the pics from last year, can I bring them on a CD or do you need them printed?
Bring both if you don't mind.We want to make up a poster for the Flea market.Please make copies because we plan to glue them on cardboard-non returnable.:D Thanks, Skip
Hey Skip,

I also added the meeting to the Tidal Fish calender, hopefully that will get a it a little more exposure.
Skip, I'll be there on the 8th.
Sent you a PM.
Hey Skip what is WISH A FISH and what kind of pictures do you need.
Seafox-Wish a Fish in a nutshell :takes handicapped kids and their family out fishing for the day.We provide a day away from the hustle/bustle of doctors etc.Try to make the meeting if you can-we'll have details and photos from last year.Not sure who has more fun-the kids/mom and dad or us.:p Skip
Wish a Fish is an organization that takes sick and handicapped children and their families out for a day of fishing. The fishing trip is followed by a cookout some times.

Last year they held an event at Sandy Point State which Skip organized and did a fantastic job on the short notice he had to put on the event. He is getting an early start this year to be better organized and attempt 2 events this year.

He was looking for anyone who had pictures of last year's event to make a poster for a fund raising table he has at the Tri State Marine Flea Market.

Hope this answers your questions.

I have a lot of photos from last year, I can send them to you via e mail or make a poster and mail it to you. Just let me know. I will be in again for helping out this year as well.

I believe Big E has a tackle bag full of puke from last year, courtesy of our "mom" he wouldnt mind donating!!!

I'll round up the troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skip, count me in for whatever you need. Just leave the details with Alfred. :cool:
Great job!

Hello All,

New to this site. I joined this site to learn some things about striper fishing as I bought a 16' foot boat to take my children out and have fun.

As a father of a daughter with health issues, I commend you all for what you do.
I was bouncing around the site and saw this and just want to thank you all, I am sure you realize what this does for the sick child and there families. To take there minds off of everthing for a day and for that matter the time leading up to your fishing trips is therapy in it self.

My daughter was granted a wish from the Make a Wish foundation last year and it was the best time of her life.

If there is anything I can do or even make a donation to assist in gas or just send a check, please let me know. I would be more then happy to be a mate for the day as well.

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

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