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Well, I'm in sort of the same boat you are except I bought one (Tarpon 140) in August off the dealer floor and it has a warp in it and the keel was not straight. I didn't know to look for stuff like this when I bought it.

The dealer loans me a Tarpon 120 and I use it. Time goes on and a week later I'm told the boat cannot be fixed, WS is going thru some times, and they don't know when I can get a replacement; would I like my money back. I said no.

WS contacted me as a reply to me trying to get someone to commit to a date. They told me to use the one I have, mount on it what ever I want, and they'd replace the boat. I'd just have to remove everything I put on it. No Problem and I am a happy camper.

I do not know for sure when I'll get my new boat, but WS sent me an e-mail and told it would be in the next 3 to 5 weeks. Okay.

If they offered you a loner; take it and use it. Wait for your 160 it's a nice boat. It will worth your while. I saw a Prowler for sale and the guy was buying a Tarpon because after using one he liked the Tarpon better. I chose WS Tarpon because after paddling several I also like the Tarpon better.

WS will get thru this and all will be okay one day. Hang in there.
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