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I bought a place on the Eastern Shore (Va) recently, on the day after I closed on the house I tested a Tarpon 160. I was very impressed with the stability and straight track of the thing, so I ordered one on the spot. I thought about checking the Internet or using one of the big Yak houses near DC, Atlantic Kayak is here in Alexandria, and Springriver is close. I decided to buy from a local shop because I like to support small businesses when I can. I was originally told that it would take two weeks to order what I wanted. Then I was told that it would take a month, or I could take a color I didn't want. I decided to wait for an Olive Drab one like I wanted. No mention was made of the business perturbations ongoing at Wilderness Systems. I was not misled, just not told the whole story. The guys in the shop appear to be very earnest and are trying to get my boat, but I was told last week that the boat was shipped and would be there in 3 to 6 days. Weellll maybe not. I don't want to be an AH about it, but it's spec time and I'd like to fish in the TKAA tourny in October and still no boat (yak that is, I have other boats). They have offered to lend me one, but I'm about at the end of my rope here.
I put it to TF Yak fisherman: Do you think I should pull the plug on the purchase or wait it out? They ran the card charge two months ago.
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