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There will be post after I post this and from people saying these dogs are not worth it and no one should pay more then 500.00 for a hunting dog. First, there are many fine hunting dogs out there that people have bought for 500.00 and less and have been great friends to boot. But I thought I would posit this offer anyway!.

I have one female puppy left from Hurricane Lily - JH, she is doing master dog work and should get her master hunter this year and will be running QAA this spring. Some people on the board have seen her in action at Hunt Test and Field trails and in the hunting blind. Now for the history on her breeding.

The father of the Puppies is NFC Dewey Drake's of Moon Rivers he won the National title last year and was a finialist again this year and has been a finalist in past years. Lily's father was FC/AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James who was a son of 2x NAFC Lean Mac. In all Lily has 5 national champion in her bloodline 28 FC's and 25 AFC numerous Hunt test tiltes to count. Eyes and Hips and elbows have good and clear ratings

The puppy comes with a 24 month Health certificate. I have sold all the puppies for $1200.00 and have one more female left. Would like to see it go to a field trailer or hunt test or hunter. Other puppies from Drake have sold as high as 2,000. but the average is 1,500. So 1,200.00 is a fair price for this lineage. You can b-mail if interested and give me your email address so I can send your pedigrees or other information

So now you guys can bash me or say no way would I pay that much but my skin is thick and I have sold the rest of the litter for the price. Trust me these puppies are worth it. Puppies will be ready for delivery in mid March.
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