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yellowfin tuna fishing off hatteras dried up?

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I used to fish out of Hatteras Harbor marina 3-5 times a year, years ago, was talking to a fella last week and he told me it was not a the short 1.5 to 2.0 hr trip to the weedlines to load up on tuna/dolphin/possible sail or marlin in the spring/ summer that it once was. He was pretty much telling don't bother, go out of VB or OC and plan on a long haul. Any truth to that. Hell we used to go out in January when my charter captain gave me the call and catch huge bluefin every year less than 2 hrs out.
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Good summary Karl...there is an article in this month's issue of The Big Game Journal about the slow yellowfin seasons the past coupe of years...I haven't read it yet but I am interested to see what Capt. Len has to say about it!
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