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yellowfin tuna fishing off hatteras dried up?

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I used to fish out of Hatteras Harbor marina 3-5 times a year, years ago, was talking to a fella last week and he told me it was not a the short 1.5 to 2.0 hr trip to the weedlines to load up on tuna/dolphin/possible sail or marlin in the spring/ summer that it once was. He was pretty much telling don't bother, go out of VB or OC and plan on a long haul. Any truth to that. Hell we used to go out in January when my charter captain gave me the call and catch huge bluefin every year less than 2 hrs out.
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Look at some of the local charter sites and you can see what has been going on the past few years. Fishing Hatteras - Bite Me Sportfishing - Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo or Outer Banks Deep-Sea Fishing with Godspeed Charters | Outer Banks Fishing Info Tuna fishing up and down the entire coast has been hit or miss the past few years no matter where you fish out of. You can go out of hatteras right now and load the box in blackfin tunas, jigging. Typically the tuna fishing is a little better out of OI/Hatt then anywhere else. Yellowfin fishing out of OC was terrible this year. Bluefin was good, but limits only allow 1-3 fish depending on the time of year. Mahis everywhere out of OC this year. In OC billfishing was as good as it gets in 08 with boats getting 10-30 shots a day white marlin fishing in late aug-sept. You cant find those numbers for whites in to many places. Wahoos made a great showing in OC sept/oct.
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