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Can never be too careful:

It has been reported to MRA ( Magothy River Association ) yesterday 9/25 that a resident has been in the hospital with vibriosis flesh eating bacteria. He got it from a scratch on his hand by a crab trap he had just removed from CORNFIELD Creek. He has spent nearly 2 weeks in the hospital and will have to go for daily antibiotic infusions for another 10 days at the wound center. He did not even go into the river!

This type of bacteria develops In the Magothy River when the water temperature and salinity increases. Vibriosis begins to show up in late July and is "helped along" in a "nutrient" rich/ polluted river system like the Magothy.

Vibriosis can be any where in the Magothy right now so please be careful, If you have an open cut or compromised immune system do not come in contact the river water, If you cut yourself, clean and treat it right away, if an inflection develops seek medical attention.
ESPECIALLY YOU with all that bay diving you do. I guess that 151 has been keeping you safe!................Gary
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