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I LIKE the idea of a well built, rugged, super insulated cooler. I use one most every day. BUT, I'm.also very CHEAP!

Now, if I was in the Arizona backcountry for 10 days, in mid August, I may think different.

Bottom of the line Igloo, maybe 120 qt?
Someone gave it to me when they upgraded. One hinge and one latch busted.

Plant Grass Bumper Automotive lighting Wood

Killed a deer 10 days ago, when it was 70F. Skinned and quartered it quick, hung in shade for a half hour, then layed in freezers.

Has 2 16# bags of ice in freezer, almost blocks. Busted up best I could, stuck two hind quarters in with whatever else was in front of me ( I use frozen Gatorade bottles of water in lunch box, cold water as it melts)

Stuck rest of meat in garage fridge.
Next day, Friday, got 2 more 16 # bags of ice, and stuck rest of meat in.

Cut it up Sunday evening.

Just checked cooler, 10 days later.
Cooler has been in sun from about 11 amon, every day. Hasn't been opened in a week now

Most ice still good,

Fluid Gas Plastic bottle Water Plastic

In HOT weather, long trips, I stick smaller coolers inside bigger coolers= low buck, SUPER COOLERS!!!!

Yes, I'm a poor....
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