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I don't have one good story, but many lasting memories for both me and my family.

I'm just happy being able to spend some time on this river and take delight in what it has to offer. Reflecting over beer with some good old boys who love it and care about it just as much as I do helps to make it that much more enjoyable.

I did catch a pretty good-sized fish back in January. It was a pickerel. You guys might remember. :D I was so excited that morning, I knocked one of my spinning rods overboard. Luckily, my line got caught on a nail and I was able to pull it back up. First time I didn't cuss for being snagged.

Oh, and 2008 will probably be the last time I had an inexpensive pier fee. Sorry Mr. Frye, but I had to go there. :nono:
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