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rock n crab,
I'm a big fan of the Franchi, I've had a A-48 short stock since I was 6yrs old and will be rabbit hunting w/ it 34yrs later this afternoon. The new one has choke tubes and the same 24" barrel. Franchi also sells a more modern 20ga. in the 720 that sports a short stock, 24" barrel and is also a 3 inch gun. It has a reciever that's rounded like the Remington. Either would be ideal for bird hunting. Both are about the same price, about $735.00 for the A-48, and $700.00 for the 720.

My son and I just got new Franchi I-12's for Christmas and love'em. It's hard to believe that as long as the A-48 has been around that is still so popular. I guess at 5.6lb it's a hard gun to beat if you do much walking. Good luck in what ever you decide, I know your son will be tickled as I was with a new gun to sport around with.


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